The Technique

"Life goal, getting in the slivr."

The Technique, sometimes known as the ‘Nique, is Georgia Tech’s student newspaper. First published on November 17, 1911, it focused on the upcoming football game against Georgia Tech’s rival school; the University of Georgia. The Technique is published weekly during the Fall and Spring semesters and biweekly over the Summer semester. Each issue is between 16 to 40 pages long and includes five major sections- news, life, entertainment, opinions, and sports. A popular recurring column in the Technique is the Sliver Box, which features anonymous comments from staff members and students alike.

There are a few special editions of the Technique published annually. These include the “To Hell With Georgia”, “Freshman,” and “Best of Tech” issues. The “To Hell With Georgia” issue is published prior to the annual football game against the University of Georgia and is named after the Tech cheer “The Good Word”. It contains parody articles concerning UGA and features a full page “To Hell with Georgia” poster. The “Freshman” issue is the first and longest issue published in the Fall semester and features tips to help Freshmen adjust to Tech campus and customs. The “Best of Tech” issue is the final issue of the Spring semester and focuses on the “best” and “worst” of Georgia Tech.